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A road to original innovation

With our firm mission:developing drugs that patients are yearning for, Green Valley has developed its unique innovation concept: "Insist on self-innovation centered on originality".

Inspired by our fascinating mission “developing drugs that patients are yearning for", Green Valley has attracted a group of brain-related neuroscientists with shared values and built up the Green Valley Research Institute, with aiming to develop a series of original innovations through pathogenesis study, diagnosis research and medicine development in the therapeutic area of brain diseases. By working together with shared values in the area of brain-related neuroscience following the road to original innovation, these scientists are enabling us to achieve scientific leadership in the area of brain disease diagnosis and treatment across the world.

The road to original innovation is to create a unique path for success via making impossible possible. First of all, belief paradigm is the key to innovation. It is only with a grand vision to conquer human diseases and with deep insight that there are possible limitations modern life science can’t solve for human health, and an open mind in scientific research, can we make further progress in shaping new ideas, developing new theories and creating new methods and directions, as well as integrating all wisdom and concepts to explore the mysteries of life, and in hence forming a revolutionarily new belief paradigm for life science. This is the origin of our innovative road and fundamental principle for our innovations in the future.

If brains are at best status, not only human can be protected from the pain of diseases, but the world will be full of peace, compassion and beauty. A healthy brain can have us enjoy happy lives.

——《Change Your Brain, Change Your Life》


"At Green Valley, we are inspired to create innovative ideas and encouraged our talents to make great achivements during their lives. Like-minded people always fall into the same group, and we look forward to working with such people to explore the boundless potentials and expand the boundaries of our enterprises."

——Lv Songtao, Chairman of Green Valley

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